Spartanburg, SC— January 4, 2016 – Palmetto Posting, Inc., a business that posts delinquent tax notices in over 20 counties in Pennsylvania on behalf of County Tax Claim Bureau Directors stated today that they see no issues in dealing with the proposals as outlined in Pennsylvania House Bill 907.

Terry O’Brien, President/CEO of Palmetto Posting stated, “We operate in four states across the country and each county is different as it pertains to their “posting protocol”.  Over the past ten years, we’ve seen every scenario possible and we see no issues on our end meeting the requirements as outlined in HB 907.”

The bill states that if an assessed structure is on the property, the posting shall occur there, unless it cannot be seen by the owner and the public.  If it is insufficiently visible, or if there is no structure on the property, the posting must be staked adjacent to an entrance, or if necessary to be observable anywhere else along the property line.  The Senate amended the bill to stipulate that if a reasonably conspicuous location is not available for posting as provided for in the bill, similar notification may be posted at a location on or near the property and reasonably conspicuous to the owner and the general public.

Mr. O’Brien went on to say, "We work closely with each county to ensure their posting needs are met.  With each county, we generate a posting protocol that is followed to the letter by the field agents completing the postings.  We also have a team of people in-house who double check the work submitted from the field just as another step in the process of ensuring accuracy with each posting.  The requirements of HB 907 will be no different for us as they’ll simply become another step in the process that we’ve already established as part of our overall approach to posting properties.”


About Palmetto Posting, Inc.:  Palmetto Posting has been in business since 2006 with a specific focus on posting delinquent tax notices for government entities.  Palmetto Posting currently operates in South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Missouri and Georgia.  For more information on the company, you can visit their website at:


Palmetto Posting, Inc.


AuthorGreg Tucker