Accurately Track Mobile Homes

Why it's important

One consistent concern that we hear from both Delinquent Tax Collectors and Assessors alike is the ability to accurately track the inventory of mobile homes across the county.  The reasons vary from county to county, but some of the more consistent ones are:

  • By definition, they’re mobile and can disappear sometimes overnight.

  • They change ownership frequently and many times without the appropriate legal documentation.

  • At times they’re brought in from a neighboring county without any record or documentation.

  • Sometimes they’re destroyed or uninhabitable and have yet to be removed from county records.

And the list goes on and on depending on the county.

How It Works

A mobile home audit provides the county with an accurate account of all verifiable mobile homes in the County and their disposition utilizing the steps listed below:

Send Us Your Data

The County identifies all mobile homes of record in the county assessment database and provides us with the data on each. 

We then integrate with GIS technology to route the mobile homes based on parent parcels for optimized productivity in the field.



Our Agents Post Your Courtesy Notices

Once on site, we take a photograph of the mobile home, capture the decal number(s) of the mobile home, and lock in lat/long coordinates of each mobile home.

While on site, we'll also identify any mobile homes that are missing, burnt derelict or destroyed, or any new mobile homes on the property. Any undocumented mobile homes that are discovered in the field during the course of the audit are photographed and documented providing a detailed record for follow up by the client. (See sample Undocumented Report at right.)

We leave a Courtesy Notice on all mobile homes covering any message that the county want to convey to the owners, i.e. How to renew a decal, what number to call when moving a mobile home, etc…whatever the county deems important.


View The Reports

Once completed, we provide a field report on each mobile home and detailed reports listing all of the information as outlined above. There is a QR code provided on each field report. Simply scan the OR code with a smartphone app and it will direct you back to the front door of the mobile home.

In addition to hard copies of all reports, we provide access to an online database specific to your county which ensures easy access to all of your data This information can be referenced by first name, last name, county item number, address, etc.


Funding the Project

By adding a reminder to each courtesy notice of prior year taxes due, our most recent client was able to recoup the entire cost of the audit itself from unexpected revenue brought in over the subsequent 45 days after the audit was complete.


The Benefits

We create a mobile home point later with the lat/long coordinates positioned over the front door for each mobile home that becomes incredibly helpful to your GIS Department, E911, and other departments.

Here are just a few benefits to conducting a mobile home audit:

  • An opportunity to communicate directly with every mobile home owner or occupant in the county.

  • A full and detailed record of all mobile homes at a specific point in time easily accessible by any department in the county.

  • The ability to remove from the records any missing mobile homes or any that are burnt, derelict or destroyed.

  • The ability to add to the records any mobile homes that were previously undocumented.

  • An opportunity to reconcile owner occupied vs rental units.

  • Cleaner records could result in an improved bond rating for the county.

  • We have the ability to complete these audits quickly and accurately. The price of doing so for the county is much less than what it would cost to conduct the same audit in-house. Our fees are on a per piece basis and billing is conducted after the project is complete.


For More Information

To learn more about having a mobile home audit conducted in your county, contact Greg Tucker.