Posting Requirements

When a property is considered a delinquent tax property the tax collector must attempt to notify the owner either through actual or constructive notice. While posting requirements vary state to state, posting has been found to be an extremely effective method for collection. If you keep having tax sales overturned as a result of not partaking in the higher standard that was established in "Jones v. Flowers", we can help with that. 

How It Works

Palmetto Posting dramatically streamlines the due process for collecting delinquent taxes.

Our turn key solution incorporates your current delinquent tax role with existing GIS data to produce actual notification delivered using the most accurate logistics available today.

Email us your data

Upon receiving delinquent tax information from government officials, our software integrates GIS technology and generates an optimized route to quickly post notices.

Our agents post your notices

While photographing the notice placement, GPS coordinates verify the property and the exact location of the posted notice.

Field reports are generated

A field report is included for every property posted that contains all required information to maintain compliance with posting laws. 


The Benefits

Our patented process can reduce posting workload by up to 85%

Our patented process can reduce posting workload by up to 85%

Unprecedented efficiency

  • Just send us your delinquent tax information, select your levy types and we'll do the rest – freeing up your time to be more productive.
  • When a tax bill is paid, our agents are quickly notified in the field so that the recently paid properties will not be posted.
  • Personal service is also available. 
Electronic field reports so you can print only the ones you need.

Electronic field reports so you can print only the ones you need.

Detailed field reports

  • For every property posted, we provide a signed affidavit to ensure due process standards have been met.
  • Field reports are available in electronic format allowing you to print only those affidavits that you need to support your sale.  

Get real time stats on the progress of your postings.

PostingPro™ Dashboard

  • We keep you posted in real time every step of the way with our proprietary PostingPro software.
  • Use the Dashboard to view current postings, field agent status and property details.
  • Access your posting data from previous years for comparison.

No additional costs

  • Contracting with us  bears no additional cost to the county. In most cases, the fee is passed through to the delinquent tax payer.
  • Our Technology-Only option uses your current personnel out in the field, keeping your workforce unchanged.

Ready To Get Started?

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