Efficient Field Data Collection

Why it's important

The frequency of which each county conducts a countywide reassessment varies by state.  Some require every five years, some ten and curiously enough, some states have no reassessment frequency requirements at all. Regardless, a thorough reassessment can involve a significant amount of time spent in the field by in-house personnel or the outsourcing of these requirements to others. 

Why Palmetto Posting?

With over ten years experience and a solid, customized infrastructure, we're able to ensure you compile the most accurate and detailed on-site information possible.

All notices contain a description of the posting on the front and an aerial map of the property identified by your county on the back.

How It Works

Send Us Your Data

The County provides to Palmetto Posting on each parcel the data necessary to begin and compile reassessments.

We then integrate with GIS technology to prioritize the parcels for the most efficient route, ensuriung maximum productivity in the field.


Our Agents Gather Information

Once on site, our field agents will make contact with each home owner or resident to inform them of their intentions. The agent then takes a picture of the property, automatically locking in GSP coordinates of the location, takes basic measurements, then methodically goes through the list of necessary options, getting the homeowner or resident's input where possible.

If the individual is not home, our agents will gather all information possible without the assistance of the resident or home owner, leaving a door hanger document for the home owner as an effort to capture any missing information. The form is then returned to the County via regular mail.


View The Reports

Once the on-site data is compiled, it is instantly transmitted to our online database for viewing on a customized dashboard. All entries can also be emailed as a separate record to an email address of your choice for those who wish to update via manual data entry.

Custom reports can be compiled as requested.


For More Information

For more information on Assessment or Reassessment Support, contact Greg Tucker.