Efficient Posting, Ensured Accuracy

How cities can benefit

 All notices contain a description of the posting on the front and an aerial map of the property identified by your county on the back.

While most of our projects are handled at the county level, we are fully capable of supporting the efforts of the various city departments as well.  For example, many cities provide a posted notice of utilities being disconnected due to delay or lack of payment.  We are experts at ensuring accuracy with these notices and due to our proprietary systems and approach can perform at a much quicker pace than most other companies.

How It Works


Send Us Your Data

Upon receiving your city's data, our software integrates with GIS technology and generates an optimized route for the most efficient posting process.


Our agents post your notices

With the optimized route defined, we then print all notices in sequence. Our field agents then deliver and post the notices with amazing efficiency. Once each notice is posted, time, date and point of placement is captured via our proprietary handheld device for confirmation of delivery.


View the custom reports

Once posted, each point of placement is made available to the city via a customized online dashboard. Further customized reporting can be made available where necessary.


For More Information

To learn more about Utility Disconnect Notices support, contact Greg Tucker